Clicking background noises in my project

I am working on an Electronic Symphonic Orchestra track with East West Symphonic Orchestra and Nexus Hollywood VST’s. The project doesn’t take a lot from my vst performance, about 20 procent but I still hear clicks in the background when exporting or playing the track in realtime.

My hardware:
Intel i7 4GHz
Focusrite 2i4 External Soundcard
Gigabyte Sniper Z97 mainboard
Windows 10 64-bit

Things I have tried that didn’t solve the issue:

  • Changing the latency
  • Activate or deactive hyper threading
  • Activate or deactivate ASIO Guard
  • Volume settings
  • Trying onboard Creative 3D Soundcard instead of Focusrite
  • Freezing several channels before exporting
  • Latest drivers for mainboard and soundcard

Can you give me any suggestion how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

My post can be closed. I’ve zoomed in to every channel to see which one maked the clicking noise. To solve the issue I’ve created a new channel with a new VST and selected another sort like instrument.

The problem was gone.