Clicking.... could it be latency?

I’ve used Cubase Le4 for years… and I’ve recently jumped to Artist 7. So I apologize in advance for being kind of a newb. I’m using a new HP Ultrabook Envy (a laptop), Windows 8 64bit, 4G ram, and lots of gig space. I know I probably shouldnt be even running this program on a laptop, but its really my only option.

I have zero tracks recorded and I am simply trying to get a tone and set a level for vocals, but I keep getting this constant clicking or clipping sound in the background. I am not clipping the signal as all my meters and levels are well below their peak. I’ve tested my wires/connections and board and they are all fine. I’ve done some homework on the issue and right now I’m thinking it has to do with latency… But I am at a complete loss at how to adjust it or fix the problem. Anybody have any helpful suggestions? …this issue is ruining my life! I’m all set to record, but I can’t get rid of this horrid noise!

You need an ASIO compliant soundcard. Running Cubase with your onboard soundcard will net these types of issues.


Hey Jeff! Thanks for the tip! …but er… how would I go about doing that? Again, my apologies for being a newb. I gotta learn somehow! Thank you! :slight_smile:

An ASIO-compliant soundcard is likely to be better quality and more reliable for recording than a machine’s built-in soundcard. With a Windows laptop, it’s easiest to look at external usb soundcards. There’s a wide range of cards from different vendors: have a look at Steinberg’s UR series. These will allow you to use an ASIO driver and will give you low latencies for recording, as well as have some extra goodies like built-in DSP effects.

Having said that, there is a superb piece of freely available software called ASIO4ALL, which allows many people to successfully use their laptop’s built-in soundcard for recording. In most cases, ASIO4ALL allows you to use your built-in soundcard at much lower latencies and much more successfully than the normal driver. The beauty of it is you can download it for nothing so you can try it out and see if it works for you. Good luck!



Thanks for the very helpful advice. I first want to try ASIO4ALL … but I am having difficulty finding a download version of it for Windows 8… any suggestions? I’d prefer to record through my soundcard because I like to plug into my mixer and then into my soundcard. If I were to go with a usb interface, would it be unthinkable to still use my mixer? Also, How could I be sure that the USB interface would be compatible with Cubase 7 Artist?

Again, sorry for sounding like a newb… I’m a bit in over my head on this project and trying to figure it out as I go. Doing this project myself is my only option, otherwiswe I’d seek out a more experienced professional.

Just go the website ( and download the first asio4all you see - ASIO4ALL 2.11 Beta 2. I know the web page doesn’t specify it works with Windows 8, but I’ve been using it with Windows 8 and now Windows 8.1 without any problems whatsoever. Give it a go, you probably won’t be disappointed.

If you are using a mixer into your laptop, then you are essentially mixing down to stereo, as your laptop will have stereo in. There’s no reason you can’t use your mixer with an external usb soundcard. If you were to buy a two channel usb soundcard, you would have the same input options as with your laptop card - the only difference an external card would bring in these circumstances is probably better latency, better mic preamps, and generally a bit better quality. If you bought a soundcard with four or more inputs, then you could still use your mixer, but assuming it routes all its channels into 2 outputs, you could only use your mixer across two of the inputs on your new soundcard.


Ok so I’m at my wits end of this one lol. I did the ASIO4ALL download and I get output sound, BUT I don’t get any input sound from my mic! My computer recognized my mixer as an external source, but it still draws input sound from my internal mic even though I’ve set my external as the default. I have no idea how to get this right. I’d rather not go out and spend even MORE than I already have… but this is literally ruining my life right now.

On the flipside, I was considering purchasing one of these and running my mixer through it. Any opinions?

Okay, so I’m assuming the installation of ASIO4ALL was problem free, and now your computer is ready to record.

Your laptop has two ways to record audio: through the input/output mini stereo sockets, or through you built-in microphone(s). If your computer keeps on selecting the built-in mics, see if you can disable them in hardware, or alternatively in device setup in Cubase, choose your line in rather than your microphone as the input source.

My computer recognized my mixer as an external source,

Is your mixer a USB mixer?? What one is it?

I did install ASIO4ALL … didnt work at first, so I downloaded it again. Now it works but is only receiving the signal as mono (even though I have it set to stereo) … mono isn’t a problem except for when I record drums. At this point I’m just happy to be getting input/output audio after all the stress. I’m gonna record some live ghost tracks and then get into the nitty gritty when its time to record main tracks. But I can’t thank you enough for hanging with me and offer me all the advice.

And my mixer is not usb, plugging into my soundcard on my laptop… I did however just pick up an RCA to USB interface though as a backup option.