Clicking highlighted audio opens new file. Can I disable it?

When I am working in the Wavelab 7 Elements audio editor, I will sometimes click a selection of audio I’ve highlighted and it will open a new audio document, containing only the audio that was highlighted in the previous file. It is annoying, because I cannot exactly identify what key/mouse commands I am hitting to cause this to happen, and it causes me to break my workflow frequently so that I can close the new tab and “not save” it when prompted.

What in the world is this function, and how can I disable it forever and ever?

Thanks! :laughing:

Hmm…if I highlight a section of audio in a file and then click it - my selection instantly vaporizes and the cursor is left flashing at the exact spot I clicked in. Been this way for years. What exactly are you doing again?


See, that’s the problem. It’s hard to identify what it is that’s happening, because when I try to recreate it, it doesn’t happen. It only happens when I am speeding through an edit (I edit audiobooks, time is of the essence) and do something along the lines of clicking a certain way inside the highlighted selection of audio. (Actually, I have successfully recreated this a few times, by randomly clicking around the audio selection very quickly – double clicking may have something to do with this action being executed).

In order to solve this issue, I think I need somebody who is very savvy with mouse+key commands on WaveLab to infer what kind of command I could be engaging in while clicking a certain way in a highlighted audio selection. Because just clicking within the selection does, as you say, dissolve that selection. That’s what it is supposed to do, after all. It is only when I am clicking with the intent of changing the length of the audio highlight, or something of that nature, in the heat of the moment at work, when this command happens.

Thanks for the response!

The only thing I can imagine, is that you drag and drop the selection outside the window, by mistake.

You don’t say whether you’re using Windows or Mac but I suspect it has something to do with the way the computer is set to interpret what should be a double-click. For example, on Windows, in Control Panel under Mouse Properties you can adjust the double-click speed. I would imagine in your case (as from your description you work at a fast rate) that the double-click speed should be set more towards the “fast” end. If you’re using a special mouse driver, there may be other settings you could investigate.

DING DING DING! :exclamation:

That is definitely what’s happening here. Thank you for your responses guys.

Is there a way for me to disable this feature in Wavelab? I understand the usefulness of such a feature, but for me, it’s more of a hindrance.

No, it’s not possible to disable it.
You must be working very fast to trigger this :wink:

Well, I just now tried to recreate it again keeping the Y-axis of my mouse very steady, and it appears that I can trigger it also without dragging the region above or below the waveform window.

Is there no way that some kind of double or triple click can activate this function as well? Because while dragging the region outside the window does cause this to happen, it is not apparently what is causing it to happen in my particular circumstance…

Maybe your mouse sends false events. Can you try with another model?
Creating a window from a selection requires a large drag (large magnitude), it’s not that easy.

@agrathwohl: you need to give us some clues please … Mac or PC? OS version? Type of mouse? Is it even a mouse, or are you on a laptop using a trackpad?

I have also had clips in the montage accidently open up in the wave editor. I can’t figure out how to replicate the event by double clicking any part of the clip. However, it could possibly happen if you right click on a clip to produce the dropdown menu, of which EDIT is the first selection on the list. Your cursor is almost positioned over it and all it would take is a bit of moving the mouse and a left click to open up the clip in the editor.

Sorry for not providing specifics! I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate, with a generic Lenovo optical mouse, USB-based. Wavelab Elements 7 version 7.00.

This is interesting, but I’m doing all of this in the wave editor mode, not the montage mode.

This is my next step. I’m picking up a new mouse in a few days. When I do, I’ll report back.

Cheers guys, and thanks for the help thus far!