Clicking noise with Vst instruments using new MacBook pro 16

Anyone else hearing clicking noises in the background whenever playing a note in a vet instrument using the new macbook pro 16? Ive already updated to the latest OS re the original popping noise?


Increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

Make sure you have the latest Cubase 10.5.5 installed.

No it’s not to do with that. Just got off the phone with apple. it’s a known issue they are working on. will make a post

Could you please specify which CPU / cores. This information is useful for Cubase users looking to purchase the new MBP 16”.

Also there are no issues with the i7 6 core cpu. Just curious what exactly is the issue Apple is working on.


I found this thread interesting.

Hi as Martin posted below your post, there’s a link to a thread I made that should explain things. I don’t think it’s hardware related. Should be fixed soon hopefully and some people don’t get the issue it seems.

From what I hear, Anything with the T2 chip should be incompatible with USB2 audio interfaces.
USB3 and Thunderbolt should be fine.

Yeah my clicking noises happen using the inbuilt sound card so maybe whatever fixes that will fix the issue with the usb 2 interfaces.