Clicking on Date column header in pool doesn't actually sort by date

If I try to sort by Date in the project Pool, it doesn’t work. It seems like it first sorts by name, then by date. But I didn’t ask it to sort by name, I clicked on Date, so files that were recorded at the same time would be grouped together. Since it doesn’t work right, they aren’t, so the sort is almost useless unless I only want to look at one track’s files at a time.

And if I’m understanding the forum post date convention right, it’s been the same way since 2011!

Ideally, sorting should be allowed by one column or multiple columns, and the user should be able to decide which order the criteria should fall in, like in MS Excel and similar spreadsheet programs.

But still, even if you’re only going to allow sorting by one column at a time, at least that should work as you’d expect.