Clicking on words in addition to little dots in the Properties panel?

In the overall scheme of things this is a very petty request, but for example when I am in Write mode and the lower panel is open and I want to hide an accidental that Dorico is showing by default I need to click precisely on the dot beside the word “accidental.” I’m working on a 15" screen on a laptop and that dot, while not impossible to click on, is fairly tiny and clicking on it takes just a bit more time than clicking on the word “accidental” would take.
Might it be possible in a future upgrade to allow us to click on the word as an option in addition to clicking on the dot in order to activate that option?

Ahem… This has been asked literally 8 hours ago!

We’re on the same page. :slight_smile:

Suffice to say, this has been a point of much wailing and gnashing of teeth (since version 1.0). The dev. team has unfortunately stated (multiple times) that this isn’t going to change, despite nearly universal opprobrium. Best to just crack on, I’m afraid.

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I know it doesn’t address the core point (which has been made before, as others have said) but specifically for hiding accidentals, you can assign key commands for this as per the note at the end of this relevant page, in addition to reviewing the default settings for the circumstances in which Dorico shows accidentals (here).

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