Clicking tempo mark imported from MusicXML crashes D3

Everything goes well when directly opening a MusicXML file in Dorico, but when a MusicXML file is imported into an existing Dorico project, clicking once on any imported tempo mark crashes Dorico 3.0.10 immediately on my Mac. My current workaround is to remove all tempo marks in Sibelius, then exporting the MusicXML and then add them again in Dorico.

I emptied an xml file completely except for the first tempo mark and added this as an attachment to reproduce this.


  • create a new project with 1 player
  • import the attached MusicXML
  • click (e.g. in setup mode) once on the imported tempo mark
  • on my machine, Dorico crashes
    tempo (2.58 KB)

What happens if you import the XML first into a Dorico file of its own and then export the flow and transfer it to your existing Dorico project?

I didn’t try that, Derrek. It may work and in that case it would be another (better) workaround indeed. Fortunately I’m done importing now, for a while. And I just wanted to submit this bug report because it’s bitten me now for 5 files in a row (I have a bad memory I suppose) and to help make Dorico even better. :slight_smile:

I’m unable to reproduce the problem as you describe it, mth. You can’t select things in Setup mode, and clicking on the score in Setup mode won’t do anything that should cause a crash. Can you please also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and upload the resulting zip file so I can get a look at your crash logs?

Yes, thank you for looking into it. The diagnostic report is too large to attach on this forum, here is part 1 (AudioEngine, Crashes)
Dorico Diagnostics (425 KB)

Part 2 (I’m sorry, was still too large)
Dorico Diagnostics (1.71 MB)

The last part (Dorico/application.10.log)
Dorico Diagnostics (400 KB)

I had the same issue with a file from Finale. I figured that I was just over-eager, and trying to edit it without switching to Write view.

I’ve looked at the crash reports in the diagnostics and they’re all the same. I can’t tell exactly why the software is crashing but I can see a possible protection we could add that might help prevent this crash, so we’ll do that and hopefully that will resolve the problem.

Great, thank you!