Clicking Whole Bars

Clicking within the staff but not on a note or other item now selects all of the
music in that bar on that staff; hold Shift and click on another item or a blank part of the same or another to extend the selection.


Sometimes this selects the bar but not notes tied to the next bar.
Sometimes this selects the bar including notes in the next bar that are tied.
Sometimes this selects the bar including notes in the next bar that are tied, but not notes that begin the bar that are tied to the previous bar.
Sometimes this selects the bar but not notes in the next bar that are tied, and also not notes that begin the bar that are tied to the previous bar.

This seems to be on a bar by bar basis rather than click location. Is there logic to this?
My own preference would be to just select the entire bar. This can easily be shortened or extended with Shift.

Bar selection selects everything that start in that bar. So tied notes are only selected when selecting the bar where the first note is.

This doesn’t seem to consistently be the case. It also doesn’t seem to be consistent with regards to follow on notes in the next bar that are tied backwards.

I would love a bar selection that selects the whole bar and nothing but the bar.

It seems to be the case that the tie rule is broken if the note following is also tied to another note that ends within the bar. This breaks the tie selection in both bars.

I am not able to reproduce it, could you attach an example, or a picture?

All I have done here is to click within the stave of the final bar.
Tied Selection.jpeg

I see. Tied notes that are created with forced duration (which i guess the case here) , can be selected separately, as they are separate events, that’s why the tied notes are selected when the last bar is selected.

Yes. Just tried this and it is only with forced duration. This probably explains all the selection differences above.
It is odd that two things that look the same (with forced or without) are treated differently with regard to selection (and dim. or < etc.).

I’d still love to be able to quickly select a whole bar!

Also, how do I select just one note of a tie chain? I can’t even marquee then Cmd-click to shorten.
I’m going nuts trying to do things like add a cresc. on (say) the second note of a tie chain and a dim on (say) the 15th.

What I do for cresc. on a tie chain is activate the caret, then use the arrow key to advance to the desired note; then choose cresc. (hairpin) from the side panel. Afterwards you have to go to the bottom panel in engrave mode if you want to turn the hairpin into cresc. It’s time consuming, no doubt.

If there were some kind of modifier (control-shift or whatever) to let you select within a tie chain, without having to use the caret or the scissors tool, that could be useful.

What I do to input hairpins on tied notes is untie them(shortcut U), select first and last notes of the hairpin, input hairpin, tie notes again. Not fast, but reliable.

Hi Marc,
I’ve come to this method, but it can’t possibly be the plan…?

FWIW, you don’t have to activate the popover to add only hairpins in a tie chain. Activate the caret, move to the start note/grid with the arrow key, type < or > , move to the desired end note/grid position and hit “?” which will terminate it. Invoking the popover and type a dynamic will also terminate the hairpin.

I did not know this! That improves life a lot! Thank you.