Clicks and cracks in audio with multicore option off


when i use the default setting , Option> multicore>OFF in Halion 6 i gat click and cracks in the audio output , even if i load only one or two parts .
The problem seems to be fixed when i select multiprocessor option 2 or more . But then it says i might lead to drop out . So is it a good option ? What should i do
I am using a mac pro 2.7 GHZ 12-core intel xeon E5 Memry 64 GB .
Should i select Option>multicore>12 ?

Thanks Patrick Mimran

Hi pmimran,

you definitely should use multi core. This allows HALion to playback a lot more voices, as HALion can distribute programs that are loaded to different slots, to different cores. The warning message doesn’t mean that using multi-core can lead to drop out but that switching the multi-core option during playback can do. So to be save, just stop playback, switch to multi-core and you are fine. We recommend to set the number of cores to one less than the maximum number of available cores. So this way there’s at least one core “reserved” for the host. But to be honest on my system I am always using all available cores and never had any problems. But of course all depends on what you are doing in parallel, if you have other plug-ins running that uses multi-core,… so that can only be a rule of thumb.

Holger Steinbrink says in his HALion-Tutorial:
if using HALion in Cubase, set the Multi-core to “off” because Cubase will handle this for you

what´s right now?

Both are right.

It works like this: when using Halion as a multitimbral synthesizer, you will probably be better off with Multicore on.

But if, as recommended, using one instance of Halion per timbre, you are better off with Multicore off - because the thread scheduling can then be done by Cubase, which has far more information about the system state than one instance of a VSTi.

At least this is how I understand things (and I’m a software developer in my daytime job as well).


Just to confirm, SqueekSqueeks explanation is totally correct.