Clicks and Pops and Glitches and Slow


I was running 9.5 on a 2013 iMac dual core i5 with 8GB RAM for some time, and all was well, until my hard drive took a dive yesterday. Everything worked great and smoothly. Plenty of MIDI tracks, 10 or so Instrument tracks, 8 audio tracks, lots of plugins - was my default template. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. All worked well…

So, I went out and bought the new 6 core Mac Mini with 8GB RAM (Don’t worry, I’ll get it to 64GB when I have more cash). Decided I would install Cubase 10 fresh from the start on this brand new machine. You would think it would work much better/faster than the old machine.

Well… I have my first new test project with 2 instrument tracks, 2 midi tracks, and 8 audio tracks, with a total of 8 plugins running and I am getting nothing but slow-playing, glitchy, poppy, static. Tried changing the buffer size to the minimum and the maximum. Doesn’t help.

Same audio interface, midi controllers, etc. The only thing I could see that maybe changed things is that this machine is running Mojave, when the old one was running High Sierra.

Any and all suggestions and help are greatly appreciated.