Clicks and Pops when Browser in front of C5

Why would I want ths in front of C5 in the first place: I often need to to voice readings-aloud from web page … eg just now … I was reading the last 4 chapters of Pride and prejudice. Browser neeed to be the active page, so i could scroll and turn pages.

A workaround is to print out and read from paper, however, I’m not able to read text-on paper very well, and I never had this problem with VST5

VST 5 was running on AMD Dual Core 2GHZ processor XPsp3 into Audiophile Delta.

C5 is on Intel quad core 2.8GHZ core, Win 7 into Audiophile Delta.

I will do some troubleshooting, but would appreciate if anyone has thoughts I can factor at this early stage of sorting this.

Thanks and best wishes

Hi Glyn,
A couple questions for you.

First of all, when you read, are you recording into Cubase as well?
Also, do you have the Preference “Release Driver when application is in the background” checked?
Which browser are you using, and what version of it?
Does that browser have any plugin content (IE… Shockwave / Flash / Quicktime)?
What is the default audio driver for your system (the one that comes with it before any studio sound drivers are installed)? Also, are these default sound drivers disabled? You can tell by going to control panel -> System -> Devices -> Sound etc…

You should see both your studio soundcard driver there, plus the system sound drivers.

To me it sounds like a conflict, maybe we can work out where it’s coming from.


You could cut and paste the text into the project notepad (menu: Project->Notepad). This might be a short term workaround to get you out of trouble.


Uninstall Flash.

I remember having a similar problem a while ago. The graphic card was interfering with the audio stream, they were probably sharing the same bus cause the audio interface was connected to an USB port on a PCIE card. I connected it to a different USB port and it solved the problem.

John, Mike, Fitz, and Subpantelis …

THANK YOU for getting back to me on this …

I am going to get busy to answer your questions and try your solution … but after Christmas. I seem to be in the middle of a lot of countdown clocks which hqve to do with wrapping stuff in fancy paper, being Very Jolly on the telephone, Hugging people … mostly women.

So far, I have used the worst workaround ever … I rendered it to MP3, and sent it to the recipient with a Big Apology. She seems to be OK about it, and it WAS a rush job. But I don’t want it to happen a second time.

And … this IS something which can and should get properly sorted. So Thank you and very best wishes to y’all …

See you soon, and take care
Glyn :slight_smile:

First of all (OT) Hey,it could be worse! :smiley:
I have a dual monitor setup. When I have to read a scratch track, I have Word open on one monitor and Cabase on the other, I have done this countless times with no issues. Perhaps the release driver preference is a good place to start.
Merry Merry, Happy, Happy.

& your sound card is?

Hi John, Mike, Fitz, Sub, Jongar and Guest

Thanks for your help in this matter.

I finished the Christmas batch of festivities and got busy.

I found a workaround … which was to increase Latency fro 64 to about 256 samples.

I hear a chorus of “DUH”, and feel six ghostly sets of knuckles rapping on my forehead.

I’ll call it a workaround, because the concerns you’ve all raised make sense. I can’t see how html text … even when I had downloaded it, viewed on my browser, should have brought things to their knees UNLESS I have been uneconomical in my use of resources or as has been posited, allowing interrupts. Therefore I will continue researching those other possibilities, and feed back to this thread as and when I get intelligence.

All the best as you approach the Happeee New Year batch of festivities!

Thanks again

It would be the network packets that are causing clicks and pops.