Clicks and pops while triggering VST Instruments?


I recently installed Cubase Pro 8.5 on my machine running OS X 10.10. I haven’t installed any other virtual instruments yet apart from the default SE VSTs that come with Cubase.

To test the basic connections, I connected my Motif XS8 via FW and use it as my MIDI controller. My monitors get an output from an external mixer (01v96i) fed by a stereo out from my monitor that in turn gets its audio via DisplayPort.

The moment I try and use an instrument track and trigger any midi notes via the Motif, I hear the samples being triggered with a lot of clicks and pops - I tried it with Groove Agent, HALion Sonic & Padshop (all with the same result). Running any music or audio tracks that have been imported into Cubase also has the same effect.

I’ve tried increasing the buffer (all the way up to 2048) but it still persists (though the frequency/density of clicks is not as much). This also has the undesirable effect of a noticeable latency between my playing and what I’m hearing from my monitors, so I’d prefer to leave it <512 while tracking if possible.

Other details include:
[]OS X Audio settings are set to have a aggregate device of the Motif FW & Displayport. Both input & output.
]Machine runs a 6-core i7 with 2 SSDs (one for the OS, and the other for critical and heavy samples), and 1 more SATA HDD. It’s also loaded with enough RAM to handle the weight of most libraries (64GB).
[]Motif MIDI settings are defaults -
][]MIDI In/Out = mLAN
][*]Sync = auto, Clock out = on, Sequencer Control = in/out

Appreciate all the help I can get here as it’s driving me up the wall.


Also want to add one more observation - when I record the Main L/R Out of my Motif XS (again over FW) as an Audio track, I still hear the clicks and pops (they almost sound like crushed bits (“tic” sound if you know what I mean). Don’t know if that helps but want to provide as much information as I can to help others diagnose. :slight_smile: