Clicks and pops with tempo changes (SOLVED!)

I don’t use tempo changes a lot but yesterday I had a project with a small retard in the middle of the song and every time a tempo change happened (only 4, 2 down and 2 back up) there was a major click in the vocal track. I remember an issue with Kontakt years ago and setting it’s external clock to off fixed it but that’s not working here. The only thing that seems to work is if I disable ALL of my VSTis. Anyone got any ideas?

Is it possibly the problem from a year or two ago where Kontakt instruments using the Replika delay would glitch at tempo change points in Cubase? I don’t know if this was ever fixed… I stopped using Noire in anything with tempo changes and haven’t had a chance to go back and test.

Not using Noire and have tempo sync off for all instances of Kontakt

Anything with tempo sync, also delays and some reverbs can glitch. Just try all vst FX and vsti one by one. And if you find it, set the tempo or delay manually

And just to be clear, it wasn’t just Noire. It was, theoretically, any Kontakt instrument the uses the built-in replika delay type.

I figured this out! I have a track dedicated to a tuner with monitor on (no output bus), if I turn monitor off, no clicks! I hope this helps someone.