Clicks and skip during playback when inserting devices

I’m running Cubase 5.5 on an iMac, OSX Snow Leopard.

I like to be able to tweak as much stuff as possible while the sequencer is running, playing back material. But in Cubase this quickly becomes a problem, or at least feels really unstable / clunky, because when the sequencer is playing, every time I insert a new channel (of any kind), add/change a Send, or add/change an insert effect, the outputting audio clicks / pops briefly but loudly, and the playback skips once, but it’s noticeable for a few seconds because anything running through sync’d FX (like a delay) goes off the beat for a moment after the pop/skip happens.

It’s really annoying, because I’d much prefer to add inserts, change sends, even add new channels all during audio playback.

so, first question: is this normal? to be expected in Cubase? if not, any ideas how I go about fixing it? I had the same problem back with version 4, insofar as I recall.

I’m mostly used to using Ableton live, and there is never any such issue; but I like using both DAWs, so I’d really like to solve this if possible in Cubase.


Nope, it’s normal when doing what you say for a glitch to occur, probably due to ADC.

I think it’s because Cubase stops audio streaming while making calculations for latency compensation. This is needed every time signal path (routing, plugins, tracks) is modified. It’s unavoidable, unfortunately.