Hi Guys,
I notice that when I play a song that is cut into two sections, (and has different plug in settings on both regions) a click is created during playback. This click is not present in the rendered file, but I was wondering if there was a setting I was missing in the preferences to stop this during playback?


Do you crossfade between the two sections (clips)
tell more how you do it example
I’m using this plugin in this clip and so on…
maybe tell audio device, buffers settings, sample rate etc

regards S-EH

I generally use the command ‘split clip at cursor’.
As the play head travels from one region to the next, it will usually create a click or even a short break of silence. I’m using an RME card, HDSPe. Buffer settings on Wavelab is 256. Thanks in advance for reaching out to me.

If you many splits, rather have the plugins in the track rather than multiplying the number of plugin instances in clips.

I’m not sure what you mean PG. If I have a song where I want to have different plugins in the verse and choruses, how do suggest I do this?
I really appreciate your feedback.

You can’t really do it effectively with tracks.

Do you have crossfades at the edit points? Does it get better if you increase the buffer size?

Hi Justin. It doesn’t seem to get better by increasing the buffer size. Once the audio is in a montage, I general use the ‘split at cursor’ command. Not sure if that’s the best way. Are there other methods to do what I’m trying to do? I generally find that using heavy duty plug ins like Oxford Supresser causes lots of issues when attempting this. I should say that using clip automation with in a montage is generally pretty bullet proof. I guess I may be pushing the limits of the application.

I guess one of the main challenges mastering digitally would be mastering a concept album that is supplied as one continuous wav file. Pretty hard to avoid clicks in that situation I imagine. Back to analogue for that project :slight_smile:

Which version of Oxford SuprEsser? They have a normal one, HR (High Resolution) and LL (Low Latency).

While I typically don’t split clips out up too often in mastering and apply different Clip FX chains, I find that when I do it’s OK most of the time.

That being said, I have mastered some more heavy duty “in the box” sessions at 96k where there is a slight disruption at the clip transition on playback but not present on rendering.

Maybe there is one certain plugin that is causing this, or maybe it’s a culmination of a few high CPU plugins.

Your experience is fairly similar to mine Justin. (especially at 96k) Most clicks
seem to disappear on the render, but some stubbornly remain. It must mean that certain plugins simply need to be avoided in these situations.
Unfortunately the different versions of Supresser don’t seem to make a difference to this issue. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Yes. I do some extensive plugin testing before I decide to use a plugin in my normal workflow. Speaking of normal workflow, I’m not sure how you work but I tend to render an entire EP or album in one pass first which seems to mitigate any issues like this for me but I know that’s not helpful for you on playback.

I guess more info about the latency of the plugin chain and the computer specs would be needed for PG to say more.

How does rendering in one pass mitigate the problem bud? Aren’t you still asking the plug in chain to switch settings every so often, which in itself is the problem?

I’ve also found that certain plugins can cause the very start of a song to be clipped, which makes me think there’s an issue with latency compensation? I’m using version 9.5, so I’m not sure if this has been address in the updates.

Less stopping and starting and the plugin can see in advance that it needs to get ready…vs cold starts with abrupt audio. It’s more useful for things that connect/overlap but it’s something I do for every project to avoid any rendering issues.

Almost always, these fixes need to happen from the plugin developer but yes, you may also want to try WL11 to see if the plugins you are using get along with WL11 better than 9.5

I know in general there have been CPU performance issues since 9.5

Thanks for the insight Justin. I will adopt these changes into my workflow.