Clicktrack audio export workflow (individual parts and section scores)

To me, and probably others that use this software professionally, the ability to name exported files is a must. Why the print option is so robust and every other export functionality is extensively lacking in this department, I have no idea. Unfortunately, I cannot do any sort of batch audio export, as the different files I need will overwrite each other, as there is no way to control their naming scheme. Here’s my current workflow, if anyone else has a better Idea, I’m willing to hear it! Using Noteperformer, I notice inconsistencies in timing if I export everything as it’s own solo track and combine them in a DAW as a big multi-track. Like I always end up missing measures, or sustained notes don’t release together when I do it that way.


1.) After score is complete, import a VDL metronome instrument, add to every layout except for the full score.

2.) write quarter notes in every beat of the met instrument staff.

3.) go through each score/part layout, and using the manual staff visibility function > hide the metronome staff.

4.) Select full score layout in the top drop down selector, File > Export > Audio: Ensure that “Export each selected flow as a separate file” is unchecked, then select all flows > Export.

5.) Rename that file to "_[Layout Number] [Layout Name] MM-DD-YYYY

6.) Select next score (in my case, a “brass score”), repeat the export process, except check “export each selected flow as a separate file”, check all flows.

7.) wait for export (10 minute composition, usually takes around 1 min 30 secs to export)

8.) copy naming scheme for file, in my case, “Click _[Layout Number] [Layout Name] Part [Flow Number] MM-DD-YYYY” from a separate text document that I’ve already prepared with a list of every score and part name in this format. In this case: “Click_02 Brass Score Part 1”.

9.) Open project folder > flows from “title” > Flow 1 folder > select filename > paste correct name.

10.) Move file to “flows from ‘title’” parent folder.

11.) repeat process for parts 2-3

12.) repeat steps 6-11, 25-30 more times for each layout.

Really, really, really hoping the dorico team gets this in soon, along with exporting score/parts as a singular PDF as those things are required for my workflow and clients needs! would save hours over the weeks I’m writing for sure!