Clicktrax for a musical show....

Here is a tricky little Quest…
We are running a musical show wt a whole lotta clicktrax along with our live ensemble and orchestra.
At the moment this is done using Tascam X48s and McKenzie G-type software to locate the next track at the end of the current playing.
I try to move this to Nuendo/Cubase.
Basic problem:
1.-Clicktrack needs to be startet wt a FOOTSWITCH by the conductor
2.-playback should STOP automatically at end of song AND locate the next song.
(this is currently done wt the McKenzie Midi software via timecode feedback…trying to get rid of it…)

I set up markers at the beginning and the end of each song…
Then i set up a macro:

  1. play to next marker (should be the end of the song…the only thing i could find in Nuendo to AUTO STOP at a certain position…)
    2.locate next marker
    Unfortunately not working(jumps to next marker immediately)…
    i need a sort of timeframe inbetween (wait time or something…)
    I also tried this with dummy arranger parts,also not working.

If i find a working macro,is there a way it can be triggered via footswitch(generic remote e.g.)??

Any ideas much appreciated!
(i know this can be done in ableton using “scenes”…i´d like to do it Nuendo…)


alright,i have found this related thread in the cubase forum:

it CAN be done in arranger mode…

Unfortunately the described bug still exists-also in N5.5 …it pauses at the END of an arranger part…not at the beginning of the next…

the workaround described (macro:‘Next Chain Step’ then ‘Start’) is GREYED OUT in my macro list…

My stupidity or another bug?

I could live with described the workaround(dummy 1st arranger part before the 1st song,macro works for the whole show…)
I could also give the conductor an Ipad wt IC to relocate songs,since you can locate arranger parts directly there…
would be a beautyful solution…

Any chances this bug gets adressed?
Any ideas ,why this macro is greyed out?