Clip audio getting cut off in montage during playback - but not in rendering

Since installing 9.5.50 I have this new problem.

When trimming the beginning of audio clips in a montage, if I trim them closer to the start of the waveform more than 200ms, they cut off the beginning of the audio when I play the montage. However, if do trim them very close to the start of the wave, even though it sounds like the clip is being cut off, it actually renders correctly with no audio being cutoff as heard in the montage. This is making it extremely difficult to determine timing between tracks for albums if I have to keep more than 200ms on the front of the clips.

Anyone else having this issue?

UPDATE: oek Soothe is the culprit =(

In the meantime, it might be worth trying the VST2 version (or vise versa) to see if you get better/different results.

I have this same problem! But I don’t have the “Soothe” plugin. In fact, I have no plugins… I just drop my wave file in, and the first hit is the kick drum, but it has the attack cut off! Plays back fine in Windows Media Player. Then I tried creating an empty audio montage, and as long as I keep 10-15 ms minimum before the waveform starts, THEN it preservers the attack. The weirder thing is, I get this same behavior if I click ANYWHERE on the wave file! So if I want to click right before the attack of another kick hit, I don’t hear all of the attack! I can’t find a setting causing this. My interface is running at 64 samples. I must be missing something obvious because it wouldn’t be a very useful wave editor that doesn’t play back audio starting from where the playback head is, would it. And this is the second time I have used WL Pro. The other time, I don’t THINK I had this issue, but it also did not start with any attack sounds (no drums in the intro), so I wouldn’t have noticed.

Anyone, please help? My searching finds nothing but this thread we’re in.

What is your actual interface? I have a variety of interfaces and haven’t experienced this. If you temporarily use the built in output of your computer, does it also happen? That could help narrow down the issue.

In addition to what type of interface already asked, what are you playing the file from … as in drive? Do you experience the same behavior if you play the same file from another drive?

I tried using my BabyFace Pro as well as StudioLive III console, same thing. File is playing off my usual NVME SSD. I was thinking this is a “feature” (soft start playback, if you will)? But it sounds like not? I really don’t think it did this the first time I used it. I double checked that nothing is enabled in the master section in case there was a compressor or something causing the slow fade-in as it were (over 10-20 ms).

The OP in this thread solved his issue but said it was due to “Soothe” - that is definitely a third party plugin and not some feature that I am not seeing, right…

It’s usually the first thing suggested when this comes up, but it hasn’t been mentioned in this discussion, so,

check File > Preferences > Audio Connections > Options tab

and make sure “Perform Short Fade In/Out When Starting/Stopping Playback” is deselected.

Funny, I was just going to write back, thinking maybe the visual waveform simply wasn’t lining up with where the audio buffer actually was set to… but saw your response, and yep, that was it, of course! Thank you. I was pretty sure there must be SOME setting, but I’ll be honest, while I looked through the main Audio Connections page, I didn’t really think to look at the Options tab. (seems like a funny place to put it, although I guess it makes sense in a way)

So it is indeed a “soft start”… I guess some might want that, but kind of weird it is the default to be turned on…

Anyway thanks again. I was questioning my sanity. I just KNEW there had to be some config thing causing it! And maybe it’s just hard to find relevant threads, but trust me, I spent 20-25 minutes searching before I posted here. Thank you, one more time! :slight_smile: