Clip-Automation or Part-Based Automation

I wish we had automation lanes within parts or clips.

When I want to program a filter automation for a sweep sound for example, I can either use MIDI automation within the part (with all downsides of midi automation) or I can use the global automation, which is no real solution as well. Global automation is great for volume automations that change over the whole song but not for automating effects within a looped part for example.
I know there is this “Move automation with parts” feature but it’s only a workaround for what we really want to do: automate our synth parameters or fx within parts!
And just try to drag a part with automation over another part with automation and see what happens…

So instead add a automation lane within every part (on audio-or instrument tracks), that we can route to every automation destination like for the global automation.

Two problems with that and how to solve them:

  1. What if ai automate the same parameter within a part AND globally?
    Just add the part automation to the global automation. Part-Automation would be relative to the global value. So if Part-automation is at +5 at any point in the song and the global value is at 10, the resulting automation value would be 15
  2. What if I move a part to another lane?
    Just keep the automation data, however remove the destination to -not set- and allow us to set the to new destinations available on the new lane.
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Why till now no one supports the OP’s idea here?
Studio One Professional 5 and Logic Pro X are already able to do this. Why Cubendo couldn’t?

bueno yo sinceramente no la apoyo porque no me gusta la idea del OP