Clip based FX, at least EQ

Come on, my Fairlight did this 15 years ago!

I too want this …

In fact I just requested it before seeing your post! Thought it was just me!

Samplitude/Sequoia aka Sampliquoia has been doing clip-based EVERYTHING for ever …

The DAY Magix comes over to the Mac, lots of DAWs will be in trouble; SERIOUS trouble!


Wavelab does this too… not like SB has never seen the idea before. I think they’ ve just got by with the audio processing approach and it’s become cemented in their concept of the product.
I hope the processing method is not so ingrained into the audio architecture of the code of CB that a real time equivalent is impossible.

+1 for clip based FX



If we don’t have it yet it’s certainly because of implementation impossibility in the actual audio engine (and the amount of testing necessary).

Hopefully Nuendo 7 audio engine will be modified to accept this. :wink:

It’s available in Samplitude since about 15 years.

For EQ filters it would be nice to have settable filter slopes as well, and filter integration in the EQ graph. To keep compatibility with older filters, just add a few new EQ bands and allow to set a couple of them as low and high pass filters.