Clip Color proposed improvements

Here’s a couple ideas a user interface improvement.

Proposed improvement A:
When copying and pasting selections from one clip into another, the pasted region should inherit the color of the source clip.

I hate the sound of most de-essers (when they’re not working). My solution has been to cross edit a de-essed version of a clip with one that is not. This frequently results in a song with 30-50 member clips. If my de-essed clip is a different color than the non-de-essed version, it would be much easier to keep track of what segments came from which source.

Proposed improvement B:
Clip color assignments should have an option to be made to all selected clips. I would like to be able to select a group of clips sequentially (shift+click), randomly (control+click), or by selected track; and then apply a color change to all selected clips at once. It gets really boring clicking to select, clicking to drag to a new color, clicking to select, clicking to drag to the same color …

Ok, that’s it for me-- my first post!

Good idea, I take note.