Clip edit improvments

So when double clicking an audio element the audio pane opens:

  • The audio viewing area is set at a seemingly random place and never shows the audio event opened, instead I always have to zoom out scroll to the audio event and then zoom in again. Please just set the pane to just show the width of the clicked audio event, this problem is at it’s worse when opening a short clip from an audio file that is a few minutes long. Obviously when opening a short clip that is not from a longer fie it doesn’t do this.

  • 90% of the time I am opening this pane to change the event start point, but the problem is if I press “Q” to quantize the event that does nothing, so I have to go back to the timeline press Q then go back to the pane. So please have Q quantize the event from the pane so I can try different start points quickly.

Lastly I haven’t checked but if there is no way to key command the pane closed please add this, command-w that used to work now tries to close the whole project, as this is not a window.