Clip Envelopes/Fade In and Out bezier curves

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It would be very useful if clip envelopes and fade in/out can be bended like in automation tracks (2D advanced bezier curves) and also the clip envelopes could be parametrized which means not only volume clip envelope but everything which is automatable could have a clip envelope curve. Like Pan or EQ gain etc…

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Hope I’m not misunderstanding you, but as far as the Bezier Curve-request goes…

You can turn an Event-based Fade In/Out curve into a bezier curve by double-clicking in the area above the curve (or by Audio > Open Fade Editor(s)).

The clip-based Fade In and Fade Out Processes allow bezier curves as well.

So does the clip-based Envelope Process. Drawing the Envelope on the Event, doesn’t, I think.


First of all thank you for your suggestions. I know these options and theses methods are a bit slow and old-school and also only for volume fading.

With other words we want a clip based automation not only for volume but also for other parameters. (every parameters which is automatable)

I think it is not possible in Cubase unfortunately…