Clip FX and master FX - a rendering difference??

I was working on a master with the Ozone Maximizer in the master section. I decided to drag it across into the clip FX section of one of the clips, and removed it from the master section. It sounded slightly different to me than before though. So I started doing A/B tests… I preferred the sound of the plugin when in the master section… With it in the clip section, it sounded a bit less “open”…

Thinking I was paranoid, I used the audio file comparator, and sure enough, the files are different. Why? Shouldn’t they be identical? This concerns me… especially because I felt the master section plugin sounded better than the same plugin running as an insert.

The comparator shows 15141477 differences…


I guess you have some envelope or gain setting that overmap in the montage?

I just discovered the problem! It was a dither plugin later in the master section introducing some variance. As soon as I bypass the dither plugin, the exports are identical… All is well - nothing to worry about! :slight_smile: