Clip FX Envelope - delayed graphics or out of sync processing?

Hi fellows,

I was trying to write an FX envelop automation to a clip in the audio montage and realized two weird behaviors:

  1. I first tried to automate the plugin bypass, but the bypass button wasn’t changing at all while listening to the affected region related to the non-affected ones.

  2. I then automated the threshold. It did work, but it appears delayed. The controls visually move only seconds after listening to the affected region. Something is out of sync.

Imac Big Sur 11.6.4
Wavelab 11 Pro 11.0.30 (build 114)
The tested plugin was Softube Weiss Deess VST3

Any tips on fixing this?
It’s very uncomfortable to work with out-of-sync graphics/sound issues.
It’s even worse when you’re new to the DAW (as it’s my case with Wavelab), and I spend a lot of time making sure what is going on.

Please, Steinberg, fix this!


Try to test with a Steinberg plugin to see if you get the same problem. If you don’t, the problem is likely on the side of the Softube Weiss Deess.

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I’ll do that.
Another day, I did automate a Maat EQ, and it was also out of sync, but the change wasn’t so subtle in this case. I’m sure things were happening at the right time.
Anyway is weird not to have a visual sync for actions in 2022.