Clip FX Mono vs Stereo

This Topic seems to be strange at first, but: there is a change in the behavior of clip Effects in WL11 vs older Versions in the Montage:

In older versions I could have Mono Clips on Mono Tracks BUT have Stereo FX (Reverb, …) on the clips that sound stereo. It is illogical at first but very helpful on second thought.

In WL 11 a Plug In would “sound” Mono in the exact same setting - more logical, but not practical …

If I want to send am Mono Clip into a Stereo FX, I now will have to save it as Stereo Track - is that right ? Are there other ways ?

Is it a bug or a result of the better routing-possibilities ?


In next week 11.0.10, this should be as before. I just tested it with the Steinberg RoomWorks plugin.

Good news for my Workflow. Thanks PG.