Clip Gain Changing when Session is Closed and Reopened


I’ve run into an issue a few times now where the clip gain of a piece of audio in my session that I’ve put at 24 dB resets itself to 0dB after I save, close and re open a session.

Anyone else experiencing this/have any idea why it would be happening?


Yes it’s a bug!
Just don’t push it to +24 is the only available workaround at this time. Extremely annoying.

Wasn’t that solved in one of the latest maintenance releases/updates?


I was going to report it too.
7.1.35 64bit MacOs
It happens with random clips (yes looks like which have +24 volume) when projects opens on the different workstation.
Now we are double checking all our recent projects.


I mean, wtf…!

Is there ANY reason why this isn’t included in the release notes as a known issue with a known work-around???

So now we might be faced with the possibility of having opened a project, rendered a new mix, and having a section we didn’t change change all by itself?

I mean… what the hell!?

My bet: Won’t ever be fixed. So happy I didn’t pay more for Nuendo 8.

That’s what I was just thinking.

It might get fixed in N8 but I doubt they’ll do it in N7 at this stage of the game.

Waiting for 7.1.40 :confused:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Using the work around!