Clip Gain Improvements

To me what makes this protools feature powerful is not only the speed (which is really important) but the fact that all this automation is pre fader (so before any dynamics processing) and is visually reflected in the waveform (so its easy to see your changes). The problem with Cubases current clip gain system is the fact that you cannot draw nodes. It works fine for adjusting the volume between phrases where there is silence (split the region and adjust the gain accordingly) but as soon as you try use it adjust the volume of a word or note in a phrase, you will hear a very audible and unnatural jump because there are no ramps / nodes to smooth out the change at the cuts. Adding node ability in clip gain would fix this issue and make it much more useable IMO.

I wonder if a quick solution would be to code it so the PreGain automation (in the PRE section of the mixer) to reflect changes in waveform gain visually? Would there be any potential negative to using pre gain this way?


You can do this with Cubase. Just RTFM.



+1, absolutely. I think this is the only Pro Tools feature that I’ve felt I would like implemented in Cubase.

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+1 Yes, I need that to. Very good function.


An easy workaround for the jump automation in Cubase:


…So this still has not been implemented? What is holding the developers back?

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PS. And this should also be applied to editing the automation lines…


Yes, it’s the easiest workaround in the world! But! 1.Choose line tool. 2.Change it to pulse mode. 3.Draw the line. 4.Choose object selection tool. 5.Select the nodes. 6. Set the level you need.


1.Choose range selection tool. 2.Select region. 3. Set the level you need. 4.Choose object selection tool.

If you need to do it several times in row in case of workaround you’ll repeat 5 steps every time, in case of real feature 2 steps only.


Smart Tool > select range > drag volume-line up/down > Done!

For both Clip Gain and Automation Line :wink:


  1. Use range tool (key 2). Select the range you want to influence.
  2. Hit key Shift+X.
  3. Hit key 1.
  4. Change event gain with your mouse (small arrow at the top middle of the created event).
  5. Hit key 2 to use the range tool again.

If you create a macro with key command for the two key steps, you save one step:

  1. Use range tool. Select the range you want to influence.
  2. Use your macro key command.
  3. Change event gain with your mouse.
  4. Hit key 2 to use the range tool again.

Completely non-destructive, you can always revert. This way it is one step more than in ProTools to do the job.