Clip Gain With Pencil Tool Causes Wav To Shrink??

Am I doing something wrong? Whenever I try to use clip gain on an event, as soon as I click on an area, the entire wav form shrinks. I can click over or under, doesn’t matter, the entire wav file decreases in size. Surely it’s not supposed to behave like that. I’ve watched youtube tutorial with Greg Ondo and it doesn’t behave like that.


Do you mean that the waveform is getting smaller to reflect the drop in volume?

I’m not familiar with using the pencil tool to do it - I’ve always just selected the event then typed how much I want it’s volume to change in the info line.

Well, I just learned something that I didn’t know. I tried drawing on an event with the pencil tool and it brought up a blue volume curve which seems to work independently of the overall event volume, a feature I have never used before! And yes, the waveform got bigger and smaller to reflect the volume changes.

Yes, a drop in volume. I mean, I would imagine you have to create some “points” in order to adjust the gain, much like normal track volume automation,… but on the very first one I create, the entire wav drops down in volume significantly.

Please refer to my last response. When you first click with pencil tool to create a “point” does you wav not shrink dramatically? Even if I click above the center point of the wav, it still decreases the volume.

Yep it drops in volume, I think it just attenuates. Drag the blue line back to the top to restore it to full volume. If you need to boost the gain of the whole event, use the info line, it has 24db of gain. Then use the pencil tool to do fancy blue attenuating curves if required.

There’s also a handle in the middle at the top of the event to adjust the event volume, does the same thing as the info line.

Thanks everyone. Didn’t notice the blue line you referred to. I’ll definitely have to revisit these features.