Clip Gain

I have started on Nuendo now after MANY years with ProTools and Logic and a happy new-comer. BUT - I really miss the way clip gain works in proTools. They have really nailed it and I hope the clip gain could be improved in Nuendo in a closer way to ProTools.

I don’t see anything in the two applications you mentioned that couldn’t be done in Nuendo the same way (or at least in a similar way), in that respect. … as a matter if fact, Nuendo already had this feature a decade before. :wink:

What are you missing?

I do not want what PT has, its to limited,
I would like to keep what we have but steal the best parts from PT.

Add dB readings when changing clip envelope.

Draw envelope (not only click).

Be able to draw the envelope using track fader.

Push/pull cliplevel and envelope to from fader level automation.

However I do prefer the separation between envelope an clipper volume we have in Nuendo. In PT they are the same.

  • in PT, clip gain can go to + 36 dB (Nuendo envelope cannot go higher than 0, basicaly is an attenuation curve only)
  • the whole curve in PT can be adjusted without switching tools
  • clip gain curve is always visible
  • select a range of points and nudge up/down in level, or move left/right (like in Nuendo automation)
  • range can be selected without switching tools

Plus 3 of those things you are missing in Nuendo and Pro Tools has.

So where do you see the limitations?

Is this correct?

Nuendo Clip gain goes to +24, Do you really want more? just adding noise! if a recording is so low that you need +32 db to bring it to usable level the guy should be fired!
just saying!

yes (PT 12.6)
PT clip gain.png

No. Nuendo differentiates between static gain (up to +24dB) and the clip’s volume envelope, which is actually a huge benefit as it gives us some kind of “automation + trim” concept.

It’s quite clear from the picture attached above that PT gain can go to +36 dB.
That was the answer to the question from MattiasNYC.

So you don’t agree that envelope in Nuendo is an attenuator only?

I was asking about Nuendo actually. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

Nuendo’s Envelope (as part of the whole Clip Gain-feature) is attenuator, but only as long as you don’t use it in combination with the static Clip Volume (as intended).

… that said, I have absolutely no objections to a re-designed Envelope which is able to boost volume, too! I just tried to make life easier for you. :wink:

So the clip gain/envelope is supposedly superior in Nuendo, but it should be redesigned, so that it will have what Pro tools clip gain already has.

It does not sound very logical to me.

Then let’s leave it at that - NP.

The way that enveloppe is managed in Nuendo is above that PT does. The major improvement is that PT can convert automation in gain curve and vice versa. In PT, the edition tools are the same as you have in automation. There are tons of features that are best in Nuendo, but not this one.