Clip Grouping

Would it be possible to group clips/tracks with different optional parameters?

Horizontal movement could be a link option, volume envelope could be linked (edited by the same ammount in all grouped clips not absolute)

If I for example use external editor like RX on a clip i then get multiple sections of that song/clip. If one could have a set of available groups could select them and just group them in stead of bouncing them. Depends on if you would like to keep the different sections and their clip plug-ins.

When moving them around even with correct ripple setting mistakes could happen.

Could also be used for grouping clips on separate tracks. The Auto grouping and siblings work in some cases, but if a song/clip has been sliced up into more clips it doesn´t seem to count as a sibling anymore.
So if you could group the recorded back file and the source file so that when you do sequencing and move the clips in the master track you dont have to align them over and over.

Could also be a momentary gang function if you would want to change some parameters on several clips at once.

This is rather far from most of what you are asking, but are you aware of this (since you don’t quote it)?