Clip Locks forgotten

New problem today.

Have a 44.1 montage with two tracks and like 18 clips. Select all and Lock them. Close montage and reopen. None of the clips are locked. Repeat procedure using various selection techniques. No luck. Neither Lock types are recalled. Move to a second computer. Same unexpected behavior. Only seems to happen with this montage.

So is there some hidden option/preference acting on this montage or is this a bug/montage corruption?


Do you have this setting set?
2015-09-10 15_28_26.png

Yes, that was it. Thanks.

Since we are on the subject, I have always felt uneasy about how clip locks are not an item specifically set when SAVING a montage.

As it has been, the original author of a montage may save it with all the clips locked. Then a second person can open that montage, unlock a clip and then close the montage WITHOUT saving. Yet the clip will remain unlocked, like a back door save. Now the next time that montage is accessed, that clip will be unlocked, which was not the original authors intention and exposes the clip to accidental displacement. It seems to me that if you lock all your clips and SAVE the montage, then all the clips should recall in a locked state every time you reopen that montage. If you want some clips to be unlocked, then you should intentionally RESAVE, as such.

It has always been a confusing philosophy to me. Would rather not have it act as it has.

The concept is that anything that does not change the audio result, is not considered as a “edit change”. That is, you are not invited to save the montage when closing it, for those changes (clip lock, zoom, scroll position, etc). Yet, these changes are saved, or not, according to the setting I mention in my previous message. That is, if you choose “Do no save”, you get what you want… but which what you don’t want sometimes.
In fact, you would like to consider the clip lock as an “edit change”


For mastering, once a sequence and internal edits are set and approved, we should be able to depend on locked regions to remain locked. Any accidental movements after approval are considered an EPIC FAIL. WL6 and earlier was already risky, but at least the behavior was consistent. Now, with this new montage preference, the risk has increased beyond my comfort level.

I use many DAW’s and all of them (except WL) have clip/region locking as an “edit change”. For example, in PT, region locks not only save as other edit changes do, but they respond to undo/redo, as well. IMO, this is how it should be.

BTW, I do like the added Lock/Unlock move and resize feature.