clip/loop based creation tool

come on steinberg… get with the times… a clip/loop based creation tool for throwing ideas together whilst jamming… if you had a similar setup to ableton tied with your linear setup you would wipe the floor clean…

Yes… there is still a gap in the market here. (I know DP does this now but in my experience it’s too unstable on Windows; the others don’t have enough serious sequencing/recording features). This would allow me to stick with Cubase alone as the main creation tool.

LoopMash 2 any good to you…?
Start at 1:22 (or skip to 6:53 where she’s got more loops running)

Its not Ableton/Bitwig etc, (which I’ve only seen on YouTube vids) but might get you going…

Thanks for mentioning this, I wasn’t aware and it looks interesting.

thanks for the tip, sadly been there already… its only audio loops. i want to loop midi to all my external synths… i dont want to use other daws. just click and play… ive gotten so fed up of waiting for cubase to have this feature i went out and invested £1000 on a maschine plus… didnt want to use maschine software and cheaper controller. just one daw is good for me… are you listening steinberg… thats £1000 spent somewhere else instead of with you… ive been with cubase since my atari st days… tried other daws. they just dont do it for me. stioll at least i can take my maschine plus away with me and sketch ideas. :wink:

Groove Agent?



No thanks.

We really need any new functionality not only done via plugin add ons - but also in a non-windowed based approach.

And I just find Groove agent a mess to handle personally.

+1, Cmon Steiny, you can do it!