Clip/Part/event Gain Automation

I think cubendo can benefit from Clip gain automation as in protools.
not need to cut every audio part just to adjust gain like in cubendo, good workflow :bulb:



Maybe the “Trim” automation function is what you want. It is available in CB Pro.

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nop, its different
its like automation for the event itself(on the wave level) not the audio track.
its can be done maybe with automating some gain plugin on the track insert,but its less intuitive and does not give you visual real time change of the wave level
also can be done with DOP with gain process,but again its not the same :ugeek:

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Another little good workflow improvement.

Just range and drag - done!
No cutting, and then gluing, is needed.

As Pro Tools in this illustrative gif anim (a bit into it, after the insert/send/vol/pan thing):

just simple and elegant, no need to cut clip like in Cubase

this was huge impact on protools users workflow, try once and you never look back again

Cubase should have these AWESOME FEATURES. I spent so much time last night splitting, crossfading and dragging handles. If I had these tools, I would have saved so much time. I’ll trade any and every one of the synths that I paid for (with Cubase) for these highly valuable features!

+3 !!!



Yes, indeed. Another workflow feature that would speed things up in Cubase in a significant way for everyone.

that’s what it should be like, S1 developers know how to make tools with workflow ease in mind
pencil tool in cubase is so old and not intuitive an slow for today’s production demands,hope it makes in cubase 11,or at least they think about it at all in near future updates


Workaround is to use the pencil tool, you will be able to draw in any volume automation you want…
The main issue is the pencil tool on audio only really works for reducing amplitude.
Workaround is to draw a line at the middle point, use your scrollwheel to add clip gain to ger back to the starting point,then go to town with the pencil tool being able to reduce or add gain…

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Hi,thats what I do when needed,but its very slow and limited. If it will be featured some day in 2086(sorry for the cynical attitude )it should be like automation and also work for multiple events. For instance select range of 8 backround vocal events and adjust gain envelope as needed.
Like in Protools and now s1-5 even better implemented

Yes.! Looks a very clean, clear and elegant (= good workflow) solution to how they’ve done this now…

No cutting/splitting and crossfades fiddling and fiddling, making tons of little events; or using the pencil to click and create multiple teeny, tiny ‘nodes’ to achieve anything etc, etc…

Can’t wait to save up and buy the upgrade.


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I just want to add that a Bypass function was also added to the Gain Envelope in Studio One from version 5.1. Great for A-B comparison of before-after edits.

Bypass of Gain Envelope in Studio One 5.1


I would like to see Clip Gain Envelopes also in Cubase 11.5. Would be a gamechanger:

(2) Studio One 5 Professional | Gain Envelope - YouTube


This FR cannot be forgotten. Clip gain automation on the audio track itself!
Makes the interface much less cluterred, than having to separate each event everytime when wanting to do a volume change on it.

Agreed, Cubase’s pencil workaround is absurd in 2022 (nearly 2023).


the pencil tool looks like the Chisel writing on stone Era now :zipper_mouth_face:


Here is how it should work.
Is this patented ?


As much as I agree with the general idea and the implementation of this feature in Studio One and PT - there is one thing that I really would love to see Steinberg don’t do as Presonus did it:
Don’t make the envelope affect the clip!!!
Please make only affect the event.
In case you are not aware of the difference, feel free to drop me a private message.

Event Gain Envelope - with gain and attenuation. With nodes that are as big as automation nodes and not the tiny little things we have now. Possibly displaying values next to them or at least when hovering over them with the mouse.
That is what I would like to see.


Agreed @Johnny_Moneto
I would be happy if it just had the same envelope tools as the rest of Cubase otherwise just remove it…generally of no significant use withoug eg node data, curves
Im not too worried about >0db as you can easily workaround but to be complete that should also be part of the gig

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