Clip plug-ins don't work after editing file

I’ve just noticed a weird issue that happens when I take a file from the montage over to the edit area. When I make my edits, save the file and go back to the montage…the plug-ins that were assinged to that clip no longer work. I can load them but they don’t seem to be active. I’ve tried restaring the software, computer as well as removeing all the plug-ins and starting over but nothing works. The only work around is to put that clip on a new track of it’s own and place the plugins on the track rather than the clip.

Is this a bug or am I not understanding something?

Maybe you are speaking about Master Section plugins? In that case, maybe the Master Section switch is Off for the montage? (see the button at the bottom right of the montage).

No, the master works as expected. The problem is with plug-ins that are inserted on a clip/region. It seems to happen with any plug-in, not just Waves or UAD etc.

I first looked for a global bypass of all plug-ins for a clip but I don’ think is one so that can’t be the problem.

This issue happened on 2 of the 3 songs that I had in a montage. I took them into the edit screen using right click, did some edits and upon returning to the montage, the plug-ins that were applied to those clips are not active even though the box has a check and all looks normal.

Using WL 7.2.1 on OSX Lion/Mac Pro

I have no clue, as editing an audio file is independent from the montage plugins. Did you try to simply close and reopen the montage? This reinitialize the plugins.

Having the same problem with no clear solution. Will try creating a new track as a workaround.

Creating a new track, moving clips to that track and then creating an effect chain on that track works but, the clip which lost the capacity to play through the effects still will not play though any clip effects. It seems like the clip somehow looses its place in the signal chain. Bug?

Yes, I tried closing and reopening the montage, then the entire Wavelab program, and eventually the entire computer.

This seems to happen when I make an edit and keep the same file name, or do a save as on the file I’m editing.

The clip just loses any ability to route through any previously applied plug-ins, or newly added.

The only exception so far is to move it to it’s own track and apply plug-ins to that track.

I hope this is a recent bug as I may have let this go unnoticed on previous masters.

Actually, I never ever heard about this problem before.

Yes, It could be new.

Using Wavelab 7.2.1 build 600
Mac OSX 10.7.5
Mac Pro 2.8 GHz QUAD