Clip Pre-Gap Strangeness

Getting a strange reading for pre-gap on the Clips tab with multiple tracks.

To reproduce:

  1. add a clip to track 1
  2. set the start time of the clip to 1:00 from the clips tab.
  3. duplicate the track
    (pre-gap will show as 1:00 on track 1 and track 2)
  4. set the start time of the clip on track 2 to 1:30 from the clips tab.

The pre-gap on track 2 will show a negative time related to the distance from the end of the clip on track 1, but it’s not the real pre-gap, which should be 1:30 I think (?)

Nevermind. I guess the logic is based on it’s relationship to that clip and if it was after that clip the pre-gap would be the distance from the end. Right?