clip preroll adjustment

I’m having a hard time finding my way around WL 7…
I can’t find where to adjust the preroll time in a montage either in the montage window or the CD window. It’s too short as it is now.
Where do I change this ?

Options > Audio Streming settings > Options
(I admit this is not the best place)

:slight_smile: :laughing: :slight_smile: Sorry, just had to post - that completely sums it up…!

As you were…


While we’re at it… - long time ago you said that you would make a change to the default pregap of 2 secs when importing multiple tracks to the montage.
It can only be changed for the montage you’re working at but not as a default for all montages. I wish I could change the default for all montage imports. I often forget to change it before importing…