Clip Volume Envelope Copy and Paste

If I pull a clip volume envelope down, say 2 db, copy the envelope, and then paste it on another clip, the beginning of the pasted envelope always goes back to 0 db. Am I doing something wrong?

The envelope shape is copied, not its start level.

Thanks Philippe. I guess that explains it, but it doesn’t seem very logical. It would be much more useful if it pasted the envelope as is. In the attached pics, original envelope is on top and pasted envelope is on bottom. I’ve also found that in addition to the beginning reset to 0dB, if there’s an in-fade and out-fade on the original, the pasted envelope will reset the fade times to 0s, and the fade slopes to linear (if you try to pull them out again). The pictured clips are different lengths, but the same thing happens if they’re the same length.

I see what you mean; maybe this feature should be added. The reason of the current behaviour is this: an envelope is made of 3 parts: fade in, volume part, fade-out. The Copy operates on either of these segments. And the start level is determined by the fade in out levels.

+1 to add in/out levels to copied envelopes! Just drop them at the boundaries, we’ll take care of the actual fade in/out! :wink: