Clip Volume Envelope only downwards?


When you draw in a volume envelope directly on the clip you can only go downwards with the gain. You can not go further up. Am i doing something wrong or is there a setting where you can change this behaviour? The manual says nothing about this.
With the offline Volume Envelope you can go both ways. This doen’t make sense to me.

If this is intended than i don’t understand this design choise.

greetings Novik

No, you can’t. But you can still increase the gain overall by pulling up the gain handle in the middle. By design there would be no reason to go to 11. lol. I am not sure why you would wish to increase gain farther than the window shows graphically.


You missunderstand. I don’ want to increase larger than the window can handle. For Instance Steinberg could have designed it the way the Zero Point is right in the middle of the clip where the zero crossing line is. If you go up the gain is increased. If you go down it decreased. this way it works with the offline Envelope in the audio effect section.
What this is good for? Clip Volume automation of vocal tracks for instance. Lets say there is a part a word or a phrase that is too low in volume compared to the words before or after. The way it works now you have to decrease everything else to get the part that is too low equal to the rest.

Or just slice the event and add gain to the quiet part. I really don’t see the issue here…

Sometimes you need to bring down or boost syllables. Now starting to cut your event up into tiny pieces is just not ellegant if there is clip volume envelope wich for some reason i can not understand only allows gain reduction.
I know how to work around this. I allways cut my Events and add differnt clip gain. But if the Evelope would work the way i want it to work it would be much more convenient.

I hear ya man. Thinking about it in context after opening and editing a vocal track, I would agree that it would be much more convenient if the volume edit started in the center of events. Allowing both gain increase as well as reduction.

I now agree with you completely. Sorry if I came across as a crass douche earlier… Been a day of moderating lazy kids that want everything free and easy this morning… Ugh…

:smiley: No problem man.
Well…that are kids :mrgreen: