clip vs event fades

I am mixing an album and I was just topping and tailing all my tracks when I realised there are two ways of doing it in Cubase. Not sure which is most appropriate to use. The pros and cons I can perceive : Event fades, easy to drag in from the corners but curves are made of straight lines and the manual says they use more cpu. Clip fades, curves are higher res, better editor but selecting regions a little bit more fiddly.

Interested to hear some opinions.

My opinion…
I don’t think I ever used a clip fade. I use event fades without issue and I also will use volume automation on the main stereo out track for this purpose.

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Not sure if there are any right or wrong to this, but the “event fades” you drag in from the corner can be changed to the other curves.

Ah yes I see now. Event fades seem to be the better option

The way i look at it. For quick fades that doesn’t need any super precision I always just using event fades. Then if i need to do a fade with more precision I will do it the other way.
You should also be aware about Cubases option to do autofades. Basically you can set it up to do fades automatically on every event so you wont have to drag in from the corners on every event you have.