ClipFX CPU resources?

Greetings everyone, i´m in a move of adopting wavelab has my main Mastering software. I have a quick question for the most experienced users here.
Does Wavelab deal with inserts on clip FX the same manner has having multiple tracks for each song on a DAW with inserted plugin?
If i have a preset with a couple plugins in the clipFX and just copy those to 10 songs along the audio montage, will it have all those plugins processing real time or will it “adjust” for the playback position?
I ran a test using a few plugin i mostly use in mastering (Acon eq in linear phase, weiss and plugin alliance ) i did save my default preset for clippFX and open them for every song , the CPU didnt move much.

Note sure what you mean, but when “the song position” does not cross a clip timeline, no CPU is consumed for that clip.

Thanks for your reply.
That is exactly what i was looking for.
All the best