Clipname does not change while replacing


I was working with a clip in a montage and used some plugins to get the sound I was looking for.
When I finished my mastering of this clip, I produced a CD with the wizard function and saved my work.

Today I loaded the montage and wanted to replace the audioclip with another. I did this using the right mouse and “replace audio file”.

The clip was replaced successfully but the name of the older clip did not change anywhere in Wavelab.

When I click in the clip menu I find the name of the replaced file.
The same in the middle of the clip itself: the old name although WL shows the right curve and plays the right clip.

Q: Is this a bug or is my handling wrong?

I also see this issue. Sometimes when replacing a clip in a montage using the replace feature, the name on the region changes, and sometimes the name does not change on the region and I have to verify using the file tab that the updated version is being used in the montage.

Sometimes the name on the waveform does change as expected.

It sounds like a bug.

This is “normal”, because the clip name is independent from the audio file name. This means, if you change the file, the clip name persists.
This being said, you are not the first one to thing this is weird, and it is plan to do this in a future version: if the file name changes, and if the clip name was the the same as its file name (ie. it was not renamed), then the clip name will adopt the name of the new file.

It would definitely be more comforting to see the name on the audio clip waveform change when using the the “replace audio file…”

In my case, I usually add an 02 or 03 after the original file name if I have to go back and reprint a new file and add it to the montage so the file name is always changed when I need to replace a file. Seeing that change in the montage on the region would be great.

Note that the Batch Clip Renaming function allows you to reset things as you like.

May I say that this was in WL version 6 corretly shown up when replacing a file.

Another problem is that there is no other place to have a look what is the correct filename in the playing clip.

When I look in the “clip” or “CD” band there is the wrong file name, because it shows the name o the actual clip.

Is there any possibility to see which audio file is in use? As it was in WL 6 ?

More simply put, I would think that when right clicking on an audio clip/region in the montage and choosing “replace audio file…” that the name of the new replacement file would now appear in the montage on the waveform.

Keeping the old file name makes no sense to me and is confusing and concerning. The weird thing is that I’m pretty sure sometimes the new name does appear on the waveform, and other times it does not.

I don’t agree. It may be useful to some to have the clip take on the name of the audio file behind it, but I have some uses where it is way better to have the clip name remain the same. In production of radio shows for instance, clips may have a functional name you don’t want changed; ‘Sponsor Name’, ‘Show Host Jingle’ and such, for instance.

Yes, I have the same impression and because of this I thought it would be a bug.

When you name a jingle “news 01” and you replace the audio file it should at least be shown up
in another location within Wavelab, but the problem is that the name of the new audiofile is shown
nowwhere in the program.

For what it’s worth, I have replaced 2 of 3 clips in a montage this week at different times using the “replace audio file…” option that appears when right clicking on the file/waveform itself in a montage. Both times, the name on the file changed to the new file name which is essentially the same name but with a “2” after it. The name also changes in the “Clip” window and the “files” window. My original complaint was that sometimes the name change on the waveform itself doesn’t happen and the name remains the same which I find concerning and confusing, of course I don’t want metadata, CD-Text, or marker names to change, but I think having the name on the file/waveform/region (whatever you want to call it) needs to change to be the actual file name). Others in this thread are saying that for them the name change doesn’t happen, and I think PG is saying it’s not supposed to happen.

Either we’re all talking about different things or there is a weird bug.

Maybe we are talking about different things.

In my case, the file name is not changing although I have replaced the audio file.

i cannot find another location to display the correct audio file name.

Are you talking about the name that shows up on the waveform clip in the montage track(s), or the name in the files at the top?

We talk about BOTH.
Sometimes BOTH names do NOT change when replacing the audio file.

WL6 always changed the name while replacing an audio within a montage.
So I still think it is a small program bug.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it everytime.

Yes, whatever it is, it seems to be an intermittent problem. Lately for me, the name on the waveform itself in a montage has been updating to the new file new when when using “Replace Audio File…” but there have been many times when I replace audio file and there is no name change on the waveform, it still looks like the original file I wanted to replace. I can usually see the file name change referenced in the file tab though.