ClipName in Render (or function to remove spaces from filename)

I was hopeful to find that I could remove the spaces from Clip Name field and reference that in the Render Name Scheme, or alternately to simply call a function (or an option) on a given value like Name that would remove the spaces from the rendered filename. Maybe a custom “NameNoSpaces” would be a good one for the suggestion box if there is currently no way to achieve this. How about where I would edit something like a CdTrackInfo1 to have the track name without spaces for outputting the filename cleanly. I now see there is a replaces spaces with separator so I can tolerate that barely (maybe build my own script with command line tool like python?) I think remove spaces would be better or a nice alternative.

Cool and a Thumbs Up, with thanks for the checkbox [starting to sound like a pulldown].
The idea of calling python functions (or a built in subset devs define) could be game changing but complicated. I think a “NoSpaceName” might be easiest.
Also if we could build out a script to dump all the different format presets etc. well I am a dreamer I suppose. The industry example would be all CG apps like Blender that provide a scripting ability.

I did notice some options to change the separator but spaces out of names or different from separator would be better for my liking.
[I am a CamelCase kind a guy.]

What about these option: you can either remove or replace spaces. Isn’t it what you are looking for?