Clipping conundrum

In my final mix, I’m getting clipping at the same bar in the Main Mix Output Channel. I can’t seem to isolate what’s causing it. How can I identify which track / part is the culprit?


If you are talking about Audio tracks, you can use the Audio > Statistics to find the highest peak of the selected Audio Event.

But it might not be in the Audio clip at all. It could be result of a plug-in or the mixing (summing) of the signals.

Can you see the red clip at any of the track?

Thanks for speedy reply, Martin.

I only get the red clip in the Stereo Out as individual channels do not show this. Is this because I am only using Elements?

I think you’re right, it is the summing of the signals. I’ll attend to it!

Keep up the good work.

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No, it means, there is no individual track clipping. It’s clipping on the mixing/summing.

Got it! Very helpful, thanks again.