Clipping on the master

So, I have a 24bit wav by Current Value in cubase. It’s peaking at -0.1dbs on the channel. However, on the master it is peaking at +2.7dbs. Why is this? Thanks.


What do you call “master”, please? Do you mean Stereo Out, or Control Room? Do you use any plug-ins (on the channel, Stereo Out or Control Room)? Is the signal routed to the Stereo Out? Is it the only one signal? Is your fader on the Stereo Out set to 0?

Hi Martin,

Yes by ‘master’ I mean the stereo out. There are no plugins, and the output of the signal is routed to the stereo out. Yes there is only one signal, and the fader on the stereo out is set to 0dbs.