clipping on way in, playback level shows as -3.0

I am still sorting out some hardware issues and levels, but as an experiment I tracked a DI that was way too hot on purpose and clipping like crazy on the way in but on playback it never registers higher than -3.0 on the meter. Why is this?

Here is the track where you can see the insane waveform and the meter to the left showing nothing higher than -3.0.

how/why is this only showing -3.0 on meter?


Maybe there is built-in compressor/limiter at your Audio Device…

it is rme fireface400 and there are no such settings I am aware of. it’s all default.


Do you have a limiter at your Input Bus?

Did you record 16/24/32/32-float/64-float bit depth?

Because the metering is set „post panner“ (which includes pan law levels) and your project pan law is set to -3 dB, or maybe equal power.

ok cool. i changed PROJECT setting instead of equal pan low to be 0db and now it peaks at 0dB. what if i want to see the ACTUAL signal, including all of the awful clipping?

„Meter input“ but you will not see anything higher than 0dB.

thanks for the feedback. i have ordered an audio technica 10dB inline attenuator that should help with the crazy hot output of my ISA one DI signal.