Clipping only when track begins (very start of song)

So on some of my tracks that begin abruptly with a wall of sound there is a clip (doesn’t register on the meter, its just a blaring snap). I experimented by shifting the entire song over 1 bar and placing random noise in front of it, leading into the song with the random noise removes the clip altogether. I could place ambient effects, noises, whatever in front of these tracks to kind of cheat it out, but I was hoping for a fix so I wouldn’t have to add any additional material to the songs.

I always thought this might be an issue but just assumed Cubase would automatically know how to handle instantaneous -inf. to whatever DB jumps at the start of songs since its such a common thing. Fading in removes the clip from the recorded instruments and the fade isn’t so noticeable when 1/32 or even 1/16, the problem seems to arise with the drums (since fading in over the first snare or bass hit is super obvious) (I’m using EZ Drummer) and other MIDI instruments that have to fade w/ automation.

Any idea how to correct these things? I removed all compression and that didn’t seem to fix it.

I had a similar thing today. In my case, it was automation that I F’ed up myself…

So, check your automation if it’s not doing anything weird :slight_smile:


Try activating the ‘Snap to Zero Crossing’ button in the Toolbar.


Hi mauri,

I can try that for the recorded events like guitar (fading in essentially makes the start point “zero”) but for drums or other midi instruments there is no zero to snap to.