Clipping using Cubase 6

Hi can someone help, i keep geting heavy clipping using cubase 6, it just stops me being able to fully get the max out of cubase 6.

i am using halion 4, halion ochestra and i have got audiophile 192 installed i have checked that the problem is not with my audiophile 192 ( it could be pretty sure its not ) with halion 4, the sounds are so awesome and real and the sonic on these sounds are just breath-taking wonderful, for me all the more annoying because for some reason i keep geting clipping which is stoping from being able to turn on the power as it where.

please do not tell me to try other Daw as a solution cubase for me out-performs them all anytime any day

thx bye


Try to set bigfer Bufer Size. You can find this in the Device > Device Setup. Under the VST Audio System, you can find name of your ASIO driver. Click on it, then click on the Contorl Panel. You can find the Buffer Size parameter here.


Where is the clipping occurring? Inside Cubase? Very unlikely as there is enormous headroom available. However you should not run levels too hot inside Cubase as many plugins WILL clip if overloaded.

Most likely the clipping is in your D/A convertor. And the most likely cause of this (assuming you aren’t continually driving the L/R output hard against the limit) is that you have 2 outputs routed to the DA convertor - usually the Main LR AND the same output via the Control Room.

Check your Input/Output configuration. If you’re using the Control Room, the Main LR should be Not Connected.

System specs would also be usefull :unamused:



hi guys
thxs for all the suggestions will get back to u hopefully with good news that all is well and working fine.


This may not be the cause of your problem, but a lot of people work with the channel faders up at high levels as this is where the faders in Cubase when projects are started. This often leads to very high volume and nasty clipping at the output

If you were working ‘old school style’ you’d start with faders all down low and work from there. That helps create a much more flexible gain structure

I do a lot of mixing work for clients and this is almost always the cause of major ‘clipping’ problems. First thing I usually have to do when I import projects is link all the channel faders and reduce them by 10db. Then I have the headroom to create a clean mix and natural balance. You can also reduce the input gain at the master fader which will help, but if the gain structure at the channels is skewed, you’ll always have a struggle. I usually set up my project templates with faders set to -12db so as to avoid problems further down the line.


It also does not help that most sound libraries have their sounds far, far too hot in production.
You will usually do well to attenuate with the gain dial by a minimum of -6dB on any sample library sounds.

I wonder, due to Martin Jirsaks post above, if Cemon is in fact talking about dropouts rather than clipping?

hi everyone thx a zillion for all your replies firstly twin-oak i am definitely talking about clipping and not drop-outs, and the clipping was definitely inside cubase.

However i have just updated my audiophile 192 with the latest drivers and also updated my cubase to 6.4. for some wierd reason that somehow solve the problem how i seriously do not know, important thing is it works. thx u guys greatly appreciate all your replies cemon out.

This always annoys me. It’s also with most of the samples in Groove agent 1, they’re ridiculously loud compared to freshly recorded material which makes it hard to mix.