Clips Viewer Window in Wavelab 10?

Hi. I’m trying to find how to open the window that displays all open .WAV files, like in Wavelab 6. I used to use Wavelab 6 on a laptop to play drum and percussion loops live. I would load a large list of loops that were alphabetized by song name, double click on a loop and it would become the active window that I would play and loop.

I think that key command was F5. The closest window I’ve found in Wavelab 10 is the list to CLOSE files. Closing files was part of the dialog window in Wavelab 6 but it also allowed you to navigate to whatever file you clicked on.

Is this still a function or am I missing something? This was a very efficient and simple way to organize and play my loops live. When I open a list of files they tab just like in v6 but scrolling horizontally in the main window is not feasible when I have so many loops open.


There is not the same function as in WaveLab 6.
However, you can create multiple panes with this, if your screen is large enough.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check that out. Still trying to find my way around this as well as Cubase 11 Pro.