Clock messages from Cubasis

Devs have joined together to find out why there not getting clock messages from Cubasis. Please follow link. Maybe Steinberg can clear this up. Thanks

Yeah come on please let’s figure this out. MoDrum gets the clock, but certain other apps like robotic drums do not

…and what about the

“- Inter-app introduces zero latency and is sample accurate, since it’s completely integrated into the OS and is part of CoreAudio.” (Rim from Wavemachinelabs)

Does this not count for Midi sync?

My understanding says"yes" but it’s not working in cubasis,at least not with the few apps i tried.Who’s fault is it then?Cubasis or the other apps?

I have a dream…that one day we have a 100% reliable midi clock between different apps.

Yes please!

I can get start / stop going feeding a Cubasis midi clock to drum jam but no tempo control. My synths which are meant to sync aren’t… At least they don’t seem to be. I don’t know what is working and what’s not!

I don’t like the on/ off nature of the clock out control. Much rather see a list of designations and have a little bit of an idea what’s meant to be going on!

this sounds great:

…but it’s all hit or miss with the number of apps finally supporting it so we’ll see.

Hope it happens! Although with support as it is I can see many devs being unmotivated to integrate it… Despite the flakiness of what exists.